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Problem #1

Check whether an inputted value is odd or even.

Problem #2

Display the number of asterisks(*) according to the input and then display one less than the number of asterisks and the continue like this until the number is 1.

Hint: Try using the range() function

Problem #3:

Write a program to switch the upper case letters to lowercase and the lower case letters to upper case and the numbers in a sentence shall remain the same.

Problem #4:

Make a simple rock-paper-scissor game.


1. Rock beats scissor

2. Paper beats rock

3. Scissor beats Paper

Hint: Import a module called random

Problem #5:

Check whether a entered year is a leap year.

Problem #6:

Write a code to print the next 5 leap years from a given year in the input. These 5 leap years should be added to a list. The list should be printed and the elements in the list should also be printed in a new line. The input can be any number, cannot be a float and has to be valid. If the input is a leap year itself, add the input year to the list and the next 4 leap years after the input.

Problem #7:

Write a python code to print the next day of the given inputs. All of three inputs are integers and these are a day, month, year. For example, if the day was 4, the month was 9, and the year was 2004. The output should be ​5-9-2004. ​Because the next day after 4 is 5. The day will always be less than 28. Here is the catch, your code shall not exceed one line.

Problem #8:

Write a program to remove a specific character from a string. Take two inputs, n and string. n shall be a number and the string should be a string. The output should be the string without the nth character.

Problem #9:

Write a program to print the indexes of spaces in a string.

Hint: Try using the function enumerate().

The output doesn't have to be in one line

Problem #10:

Write a program to generate the ticket numbers for specified number of passengers traveling in a flight as per the details mentioned below:

The ticket number should be generated as airline:src:dest:number.

Consider AI as the value for airline ,src and dest should be the first three characters of the source and destination cities. number should be auto-generated starting from 101.The program should return the list of ticket numbers of last five passengers.

Note: If passenger count is less than 5, return the list of all generated ticket numbers.

Problem #11:

Write a python program to take sentence and print each word in reverse and the join back the sentence.

Problem #12:

Write a program that accepts a sentence and calculate the number of letters and digits.

Problem #13:

Write a program that counts the number of upper and lower case letters in a given sentence by taking an input by the user.

Problem #14:

Write a code to count the number of vowels and consonants in a given string.

Problem #15:

Write a Python program to get the Fibonacci series between 0 to 50.

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