PROGRAM : A program is a set of instructions given to a computer telling it what actions to perform.

INPUT : Any data entered by a user through a keyboard.

OUTPUT : An data displayed on the screen.

FUNCTION : Set of custom instructions in a program.

STRINGS : A string is a list of characters specifically inside the quotes.

INTEGERS : Integers are the normal integers in the decimal number system. These integers can not be decimals.

FLOATS : Floats are the decimal numbers. All integers are floats but all floats can not be integers.

ASSIGNING : Assigning goes with the normal English meaning. In Python, this means assigning a value/data a custom name.

DEFINING : Defining in Python is basically giving a custom name to our own function.

OPERATOR : An operator in Python is a specific symbol which execute certain functions.

PARAMETER : A parameter in Python is the reference data whilst using a function.


NameError : This error is shown when the name in the program is not defined.

ValueError : This error is shown when the values of strings, integers and floats are mixed up or when are wrongly interpreted.